Divining the Stones

Hare Family Plot - Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, Ontario.
The Hare Memorials like most headstones tell a story, which through the symbols and inscriptions we can begin to piece together.

For even the son of man came not to be ministered unto,
but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many.
-Mark 10:45 King James Bible

Left: Doctor Dora Hare Dec. 26, 1894 - Sept. 13, 1945
Right: Lena May Hare R.N. June 28, 1904 - May 27, 1994

We have two women close in age, who both worked in the field of medicine but what connects these two women? A variation of the Chi Rho with interlocking wedding bands carved upon both their memorials tells us these women were both married but to who?

At the foot in between these women's memorial rests the gravestone of Robert B. Hare.

Robert B. Hare F.R.C.S Jan. 18, 1891 - Nov. 12, 1976
Here are interred, the ashes of the above, between the
two women, who have given me more love and
comfort than most men receive or deserve.

To the left of Robert's stone at the foot of Dora's grave lays Michael Hare's memorial.

Michael Hare Oct. 5, 1931

After reading these memorials it's easy to surmise that Dora was Robert's first wife and that together they conceived Michael. Based on what little information was given on Michael's stone I believe he either did not make it to term or died shortly after being born. Sometime after Dora's passing Robert married his second wife Lena May. Of course this is all conjecture, the next step is to use the names and dates to search local archives to find solid facts through obituaries, marriage, birth and death records. So far I have been able to locate an Obituary for Dora Hare which supports my conclusion that her and Robert were indeed husband and wife.

R.N. -Registered Nurse
F.R.C.S. -Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons
Source: Canad. M.A.J Nov. 1945 , vol.53  pg. 513 Obituaries

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of these lovely and heart warming stones. Michael Albert Hare died 5 October 1931 surviving only 6 hours after his birth. (Death registration #025223 Norfolk County). His parents' residence at the time of his death was listed as 132 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe, Ontario.Robert Hare and Amy Dora Adams were married in Toronto on 15 September 1921. He was 30 and a medical student and she 26. No occupation was listed for her on the registration. (Archives of Ontario MS932, Reel 566, County of York). The Toronto Star death notice for Dr. Amy Dora Adams Hare did not list any children" -Readers Comment

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