Stephen John Fuller ESQ.

As the swift ships so pass the days of man away.
Here lie interred the mortal remains of Stephen John Fuller ESQ.
A native of the County of Kerry, Ireland.
And for some years captain of a shin in Hon. East India Company's service.

He emigrated to this country in the year 1832.
And here by the exercise of talents of no common order reaplly
earned for himself a position of public trust and extensive usefulness.
He died at Simcoe 17th October 1856. In the 57 year of his age,
Sustained by the hope that maketh not ashemed.
Gardner. S. (carved by Samuel Gardner)


It becomes our painful duty to record, this week, the death, by disease of the heart, of an esteemed friend, and well known resident of this county, Stephen J. Fuller, Esquire, in the fifty seventh year of his age. The melancholy event, which has turned the hitherto peaceful and happy abode into a house of mourning, took place at his residence, in north Simcoe, at 4 o'clock, A.M., of Friday, the 17th inst. Mr. Fuller was a native of the county of Kerry, Ireland, where he was descended from an ancient and highly respectable lineage. At an early age he chose for himself a sea-faring life, for which his robust frame and iron constitution singularly fitted him. Such were his talents as a mariner that he soon became the captain of an East Indiaman, in the service of the Honorable East India Company, in which he frequently visited almost every quarter of the globe, and more especially India, with the peculiar customs and characteristics, as well as language, of its people, he had become quite familiar. The extensive and varied information thus acquired, coupled with the result of having exercised a very high order of intellect, rendered Captain Fuller one of the best informed men of the day. There is scarcely a subject, a country, or a people, on which, about which, and of whom he was not thoroughly conversant. For many years has he been a resident of this county, in which he has filled the office of Clerk of the County Council in a manner that, at least, will never be excelled, if even equalled, as the books and papers belonging to his office, vacated by his death, fully demonstrate. As a member of the Board of Common School Trustees, the Town has lost, in him, a sincere friend to its educational interest. Many of our readers will recollect, with gratitude, the interest that he had, during the six years which he was a trustee, prior to his death, manifested in the moral and intellectual welfare of their little ones, without distinction of birth, color, or creed. To the honor of his memory, be it mentioned that, with the associate members of the Board, he sought, most zealously, to promote the free untrammelled instruction of the children, of black and white. As a business man, he was highly practical, precise, and exact. His remains were followed on Sunday afternoon to the Episcopal burying ground, at Woodhouse, by a very large number of the most respectable inhabitant's of the county, to whom he had been known during the last twenty-four years. In St. John's Church a most eloquent and affecting sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev. George Salmon, of this town, from Numbers, x. 29. In common with many, we again regret the bereavement of the numerous and esteemed family thus called upon, in the mysterious dispensation of a wise Providence, to deplore the loss of a beloved husband and affectionate father. -Norfolk Messenger

"We are journeying unto the place of which the LORD said, I will give it to you: 
come thou with us, and we will do thee good."

Stephen John Fuller and his family are listed in the 1851 Norfolk County, Town of Simcoe Census

Source: The Journal of Education for Upper Canada Vol. 9 pg. 171 (year 1856)

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